Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Daze – in poetry, prose and photos

Any photo can inspire a memory
Any memory can inspire a story
     With each passing day of spring, days grow a little longer, the sun shines a little brighter and gardens bloom in gay profusion.  Birdsong wakes me every morning, and soft breezes beckon me outdoors.  The gardenia-perfumed air kisses my face with cool, fragrant delight.  Oh my!  I could stay out here forever!

     But instead, I think I’ll go a’wandering down some new lane and create memories to warm me through my winters.  Or provide refreshing coolness in the coming summer heat.  I love to walk through neighborhoods I’ve never visited before, or discover hidden paths through a leafy bit of woods.  And if the day’s too hot to walk, just climb into the car and go exploring.

     I remember that day years ago when my husband and I, newly met, rode out together on a lovely spring morning to discover new places and create our own memories—and we happened upon a picturesque little village.

      Soda Shop Stop

It was a small soda shop
in a small little town
where we’d stopped to watch a fair—
a festival scene
on a grassy green—
a party in ginger-ale air.

In that small soda shop
with its bent iron chairs
sitting outside by the door
we stopped
in the heat of the moment
to rest a moment or more.

In the heat of the moment
we stopped
to share a cone
of chocolate ice cream
mounded round as a dream
and dripping its own
tongue-licking cool cream.

Which I licked with you
making swirls of my own
with my tongue glistening pink on that coldness—
for to lick your skin would be a sin                                                    
in public—
condemned for boldness.

                        ~ Elizabeth Guy

“Ice-cream is exquisite.  What a pity it isn’t illegal.”
     Don’t you love to conjure up old favorite memories?  I certainly do!  And when I couple them with photos taken on along the many journeys I have made, the experiences seem all too new again.  Exciting with their promise, bittersweet with their completion.  Satisfying, nonetheless.

     All this and springtime too!

Every photo I have brings back a story.
What stories do your photos tell?

Next week…..            
I’ll be on vacation—and eating ice cream!  And making new memories.
Back in two weeks...

 Mouthful of ice cream
Cool green grass beneath bare feet
Smiling summer days

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